Our male bonded system has been developed to combat the following:

  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Alopecia Totalis
  • Extreme Hair Loss

How it Works

STEP 1 – The Prep:

We start of by gently cleansing the scalp to remove any toxins and make sure the system will bond perfectly to the scalp. Any underlying hair will be shaved so as to make the system as comfortable as possible, as undetectable as possible, and increase its longevity.

Step 2 – Application:

We use “Ghost Bond No Sweat” on the scalp which helps the bonding process. Then we apply “Ghost Bond XL” adhesive to the scalp, this is our bonding agent. The hair system is then carefully applied to the scalp.

Step 3 – The Cut:

Our expert stylists will then cut you in ANY style you want. You will be able to achieve most looks. Once finished you need to keep it dry for 24hrs to allow time fro the adhesive to completely bond with the system, but after that you can sleep, shower, gym, swim all as normal!


Men’s non-surgical hair replacement systems start from as little as £550 per system.

This price is inclusive of all service charges when fitting the system.

  • Free consultation
  • Systems are colour matched bespoke to your own hair colour.
  • Stock systems and bespoke systems available.
  • Bespoke hair systems can take up to 12-14 weeks to be crafted and delivered.
  • Template design
  • Maintenance and care products available in salon


Maintenance is required every 3-5 weeks, and for this service we charge £60

  • Removal of hair system
  • Cleanse scalp of adhesive
  • Scalp treatment
  • Cleanse system of adhesive
  • Re-bond hair system
  • Cut existing hair back into style